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Why Network Grade Linux?

  • A common base OS for the networking industry to build on
    • Designed to serve as upstream for DENT, SONiC, Stratum, and commercial NOSes 
  • Wider range of supported hardware from low-end embedded (IP cameras, access points) to high end devices (switches)
  • A logical home for layer 2 open source protocols, with anticipated early contributions
    • Layer 3 protocols have long had a home in LF’s FRR project, and the industry needs a home for open source layer 2 protocols – NGL meets this need.
  • Built using Yocto Project, a battle tested de-facto industry standard that leverages wide pool of developers with regularly updated packages 
    • Widespread consumption of Yocto Project in Automotive (Automotive Grade Linux) and Telco Industry (Carrier Grade Linux)
    • Based on Yocto Project Long Term Supported (LTS) release with option for commercial support 
    • Easily modifiable configuration and security policies
    • High level of training and documentation available
    • Well defined and documented development process